It can no longer be said that vertical dance is a new art form; its modern trajectory goes back almost 50 years of contemporary dance choreography and presentation. Although vertical dance is still not well known, today there are places scattered around the world where artists have established communities dedicated to this practice.

Over the past 10 years, Histeria Nova has made enormous human and material efforts to promote vertical dance in terms of the safety of dancers and buildings as a key factor, and has formed several such safe centers across the country.

In October 2018, Histeria Nova officially began its professional education in vertical dance in the City of Zadar, combining somatic, natural body movement with body movement in the vertical. The courses are held as part of the regular and original program called Vertical Dance, as part of the regular trainings of the School of Natural Movement Marija Šćekić in Zadar.

We are glad to contribute to the global development of a new art form in the Republic of Croatia, but without continuous education and without in-depth, non-surface art research for the purpose of creating new practices, further development is not possible.

To this end, Histeria Nova in cooperation with the Đakovo Cultural Center is launching a project to establish the Slavonia Vertical Training Center in order to launch and establish the first international School of Vertical Practice in the country and the world.



Partners & associates

  • National Park Paklenica
  • Culture Center Đakovo
  • Društvo za revitalizaciju i obnovu kule Stojana Jankovića, Islam Grčki
  • Športski centar Višnjik, Zadar
  • Udruga Aurora za skrb o djeci oboljeloj od cerebralne paralize, Šibenik
  • Državna ergela lipicanaca Đakovo

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