What is CROM?

It is an artistic-educational program designed and created by Marija Šćekić over many years of studying human movement in dance and life in general.

CROM is an abbreviated name for the Croatian lateral movement, which means informal, interdisciplinary education of human and non-human movement. Marija Šćekić has been implementing and teaching CROM in the Republic of Croatia since 2000, and as of November 6, 2017, the name CROM has been officiallychanged to the School of Natural Movement Marija Šćekić.

Who is CROM for?

In one word – everyone. Trainings and workshops are adapted to meet individual needs for:

  • children
  • adults of all occupations and with or without any dance / sports experience
  • elderly people
  • people of vulnerable groups (children with developmental and learning disabilities, retired, children without parental care)
  • professional dancers and stage performers
  • choreographers


The School of Natural Movement of Marija Šćekić is based on awareness and improvement of neuromuscular connections in the body as an important factor in achieving a harmonious way of movement, not only on stage but also in the daily lives of students. Learning experiential anatomy and biomechanics are the basic rules in learning the dance movement of Marija Šćekić. The emphasis and goal of the program is to learn fundamental somatic, physical, dance, martial and artistic techniques and methods (BMC, Feldenkreis, Ginastica Natural, Pilates, Yoga, Butoh, Laban, etc.) in the field of contemporary dance, sports and movement culture in general . Participants gain experience in finding instinctive, natural and innate movements in their body as a basis for further development of their creative and artistic potential. Sense of rhythm and music in general are of extremely high importance, so the organization of interdisciplinary workshops is processed and conducted throughout the year.



  • a return to the natural, instinctive, innate experience of movement
  • development of individual artistic and creative potential of students
  • improving the kinesthetic sensibility and proprioceptive skills of students / dancers / artists
  • high quality education of children from their earliest age
  • enriching life content for vulnerable groups of people
  • modernization of the existing dance education in the Republic of Croatia

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